Angeleno Magazine: Modern Moms

Angeleno Magazine: Modern Moms

  • Myra Nourmand
  • 05/31/22

A profound commitment to family and community defines Myra Nourmand. As a parent, Myra imbued her children, Nicole, Howard and Michael with the empathy, patience and understanding she learned from her own mother. By applying those same principles to her work, Myra has become one of the most respected professionals in the real estate industry as well as a noted speaker, philanthropist and the author of From Homemaker to Breadwinner.

Today, Myra and her son Michael helm Nourmand & Associates, the legacy agency her husband Saeed founded in 1976 that has achieved an impressive $1 billion+ in sales. "My mother was a holocaust survivor," Myra shares. "Her incredible strength made me realize that nothing is impossible or too difficult and inspired the intergrity, trust, compassion and "yes I can" spirit that my family and I bring to our family, friends and clients. In this unprecedented time of social distancing, we realize more than ever the importance of family and community and place our hope and faith in knowing we are all in this together.”

"My mom has an incredible work ethic and great people skills," says Michael Nourmand, President of Nourmand & Associates. "I grew up watching her guide clients through the most important financial and life decisions they would ever make and saw them come back to work with her again and again. I also gained a front row seat to my mom's patience and expertise as she closed some of the most challenging deals imaginable She is a consummate and caring professional and a truly inspirational person."

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